"With technology and entertainment as its muse, social media has overtaken movies, music and mass media as the authority to set not just an American identity, but a global cultural agenda."


The new-world view is forming a seamless visual habitat that allows technology to bring an abundance of information to a place where everything is moving and reconnected in the context of the viewing consumer, creating a new cultural agenda.

Have you noticed that people talk about brands as experiences the way they talk about movies as experiences, or music as memories, cars as fashion, and consumer products as accessories? It’s because we live in a culture of overlapping, visual, brand-layering messages.

With the help of technology, these messages are everywhere: on movie screens, TV screens, computer screens, game screens, personal electronic organizers and telephonic devices, connecting us across continents and cultures … seamlessly and invisibly. These messages bond culture and become our stories, our mythology our identity and in many ways, our future.

The messages from these screens, found in every setting and use, direct us, inform us, amuse us, shape us and without our conscious awareness ... brand us.

Brands are powerful and pervasive because they bond culture.