"Our collective view is that trademark brands are attempting to be culturally and emotionally relevant. They want to be engaging ...

Entertainment properties, interestingly, are trying to be 'brand-built.' They hope to establish longevity and long-term asset value."

brand messages

“We are brand story-tellers.”

We trace a brand’s arc, its franchise potential and the marketplace, sequencing its development across multiple new media/digital platforms--maximizing and monetizing long-term asset value. We profile and align customized brand strategies while leveraging:

  • Culture experiences
  • Social behavior
  • Consumer habits
“We provide an entertainment and popular culture sensibility to our clients’ trademark brand strategies and a brand discipline to our entertainment and licensing clients’ businesses.”

Brand and entertainment businesses have swapped and adopted each other’s strategic fundamentals. Both are becoming inseparable, forming what we call BrandCulture.

We create value for each client’s brand by aligning core brand, consumer and critical business objectives:
  1. To identify commonalities in new “demand” markets vs. segmenting existing ones.
  2. To map and implement the linkage of our client’s brand and extension program(s) across consumer-controlled touch-points in new media.
  3. To integrate execution into strategy … to get their sequence right.
  4. To create a new value: migrating from a better sameness, to a meaningful difference.