Fred Kalmus

Corporate moderator, business and cultural strategist


Fred Kalmus is many things to many companies: a listener, a devotee of simplicity and a poetic moderator of reality. He is also a KKM partner and the co-founder and senior partner of Beechwood International a consultancy established in London to address the integration and mobilization challenges that both corporate and governments must face long after the initial ‘buzz’ and send off occur and before the hoped -for celebration and declaration of success. 

The interaction often provides a self-correcting focus to the company, its brand and its staff with the intent of providing a positive consumer experience. The playing field of our expertise is resuscitating major change initiatives, accelerating the promise of mergers and acquisitions and aligning strategies with potential.

The proprietary Beechwood Methodology and tool set provides KKM and its clients with a unique, immersive view of their entire business. It has been licensed to many service providers under the brand name Teamwin® in the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia.

Fred has guided KKM partner teams across myriad categories: retail discounters, market research companies, integrated health care plan organizations, government wheat boards and aged care providers.

The simplicity of strategic thinking and doing is best expressed in the process of how KKM pulls from the marketplace back into an organization and how Beechwood drives the message of its brand through an organization that touches the consumer.