Hubert Co

Pioneering International licensing, distribution and retail promotion expert: Pan-Asia and China


The longest and most important of international relationships, is with Hubert Co, the pioneering president of Philippines' Empire International Merchandising Corporation. Empire is the country’s largest licensing agency. For twenty-five years, the company has represented Intellectual Properties across Pan-Asia. Its capacities include major motion picture studios, trademarks and entertainment character properties.

Hubert’s templates for success include: being the first company to license a property direct to retail and being the first company to license a multi-level marketing network and wireless platforms. Hubert’s unique capacity is his vision to connect brands with consumers.

He has integrated every aspect of marketing and merchandising to many of the largest global brands, including Coca Cola, Unilever, Nokia, Nestle, Proctor & Gamble with Paramount Pictures, Universal, SONY and Miramax.

The company has represented a diverse portfolio of properties, from Transformer to Fox’s 24 and Avatar across Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Japan.

His other business interests include: establishing the first music songbook monthly magazine, which is a family business; being an investor in several independent film distribution companies in the Philippines, Thailand and Taiwan; owning and operating a medium-sized real estate/condo company; food franchises and currently expanding the representation of production music libraries.

Hubert's capabilities include a tenacious spirit for potential. This is what makes us inseparable partners: his capacity is vast and it touches every consumer touch point in Asia.

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