what we do

We have a single global mission: to map customized business and brand strategies with flawless execution.

We provide:

1) Business development, brand strategy and brand management consulting:

  • We work across myriad categories, from character entertainment and trademark brands to institutional, packaged goods and consumer products 
  • Our attention is devoted to core sustainable business and franchise brand strategies that create long-term asset value. 
2) Trademark, media and entertainment licensing:

  • Our core competency lends us a perspective beyond the landscape of traditional business models. This capability is a function of our longevity in both entertainment and licensing, complemented by the experience of our partners. 
  • We link digital media with consumer-based retail experiences that are expressions and extensions of our client’s brand. 
3) New Media strategies and integration across digital platforms:
  • kkm Watermark Media was established to develop and deliver content and brand messaging on myriad digital platforms; including mobile, location-based events and retail experiences.  
  • This strategic sequencing; in either a series of staggered or concentric circles, is a function of the new media process. Its purpose is to enable businesses and brands to bleed across the digital media landscape and create a simultaneous cascading of brand benefits, including: marketing efficiency, flexibility, brand relevance and consumer accessibility.
  • Our core capabilities are grounded in an ability to identify tipping points and predict their outcome. Or said differently, how our understanding of BrandCulture helps us put culture into context.