Ron Wong

Founder, Executive Creative Director, Spring Design Partner


In his 30 years of design experience encompassing a broad landscape of brands and lessons, Ron’s design philosophy has remained the same:  find the truth and visually communicate it with simplicity and eloquence.
In the Spring of 1995, Wong founded Spring Design Partners as a strategic marketing design agency with the purpose of returning to the personal and passionate side of this creative idiom, almost as a direct contrast to the corporate culture of design. Since then, the design team’s accomplishments include the rebranding of Coca-Cola’s PowerAde, the brand positioning and design of the Kashi portfolio, and the global redesign of Bacardi Superior, to name just a few.
Wong’s prior engagements include the original design of Diet Coke, New Coke and the subsequent rebirth of Classic Coke.  “Back then, I was the designer. The Mac was just happening, so it was old-school brain, talent and the pencil to showcase your abilities. It really emphasized the ‘art and craft’ of design and your ability to articulate the vision of your intent.  I learned a lot along the way, and understanding the psychology of how clients engage in the design process is crucial to success.” Wong began as a designer at Robert P. Gersin Associates, then became creative director at The Schechter Group and subsequently at Interbrand before he started Spring Design Partners.
Wong’s love of drawing, painting and printmaking earned him a full scholarship to study Fine Arts at Carnegie-Mellon University, a fundamental influence on his viewpoint and unique approach to brand design. “It’s highly intuitive as well as emotional to design a brand.  If it doesn’t touch or tug at you someway, then why bother?”